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Roof Paints

Preparation is vital when you are considering painting your roof.
Good clean down, check for rust, apply the correct primers and then top coats. For very bad rust areas use “Blackguard” rust convertor before primer. Our galvanised primer has the most advanced anti-corrosive pigments available and also includes flash rusting oxides.

Our range of roof paints are made from genuine oxide powders that will have better colour retention and lasting properties. Discuss the condition of your roof with us, whether it is corrugated iron, Decramastic or concrete tile so we can advise accordingly. Roof paints are 100% acrylic.

Wall Paints

We have topcoats and appropriate undercoats for exterior and interior work. Good preparation and planning are both essential for best results. Our exterior 100% pure acrylic (hardwearing) and 100% self-priming acrylic are both suitable for all exterior surfaces. For interior work we offer the very advanced “Styrene Acrylic” in low sheen paints. It’s hardwearing and durable – cleaning is a breeze and has lovely sheen finish. For all new Gib-board and painting over wallpapers it’s advisable to use a sealer undercoat.

Hi-Build Block Sealer

The most advanced water-resistant masonry roughcast and concrete block sealer undercoat. Not only an undercoat but a tremendous hi-build system that allows your topcoats to have a real depth of finish, well worth considering as there are some real savings to be made using this product. The correct undercoat for rough surfaces, particularly after a severe waterblasting. Widely used as a sealer undercoat over new and existing plaster in dairy sheds. Like its name “HI-BUILD” it’s a very advanced technology system where waterproofing and sealing is required.

Fence Paint

Good preparation is essential if you want your fence to maintain a good appearance. Like our roof paint, we use only genuine oxide powders. Price always determines the quality of fence paint and if you want a job to last use quality paints. It takes twice as long to paint a fence when using non-quality paint – we manufacture and sell only premium paint.

Qualified Painter

If you need a qualified painter to do your job, we have them available. So ask for a quote, Waterblasting, Painting and Paper hanging.


With 16 years of manufacturing paint for Southland conditions and personal service, I offer to my
clients a guarantee of a premium quality product at a factory wholesale direct price, and that
we stand behind all our products.

Easy Painting

We also stock scraper, sand paper, fillers, hayden brushes rollers – Plus everything else to make painting easy.